Alice Oratorio based on Lewis Caroll  


Alice in Wonderland is a classic of 19th-century fantasy literature that shook Victorian England : it prefigured the troubles of abstraction, Dadaism and the absurdity of Alfred Jarry.

Lewis Carroll‘s tale continues to impress generations. La Forge revives this modern-day myth by giving it a musical form and a playful setting.

Alice keeps getting bigger and smaller! Her worries about becoming an adult and leaving the world of childhood fade when she asserts her identity and defeats the Queen of Hearts. The initiation message is magnified by the childlike fantasy and the extraordinary profusion of situations and zany characters in this great journey underground.

he musicians of La Forge, who have forged the links between modern jazz and the other arts, have added four solo voices and a chamber orchestra from the Fabrique Opéra to their sound palette for this new work. The female lyrical voices will be reserved for Alice (soprano) and the Duchess/Reine de Coeur (alto). The male characters will be interpreted by a singer (baritone) and an actor-narrator (Lewis Carrol).

«So the wonderful story was created bit by bit. All those strange events took shape and came to an end. Take this story, dear Alice! Place it in your gentle hand. Where the dreams of childhood rest when they have come to an end like faded garlands plucked from a faraway land.»

Lewis Carroll

Teaser – Alice Oratorio

Creation MC2 scène nationale de Grenoble september 2021 



  • Laura Tejeda-Martin : Mezzo-soprano
  • Alice Fagard : Alto
  • Thil Mantero : Baryton
  • Patrick Sourdeval : Actor

    The quartet La Forge :

  • Pascal Berne : Double bass, composition
  • Michel Mandel : Clarinets, composition
  • François Raulin : Piano, composition
  • Emmanuel Scarpa : Drums, percussions, électronic, composition

    The Fabrique Opéra :

  • Patrick Souillot : Direction
  • Sabine Debruyne : Violin
  • Denis Jeannet : Violoncello
  • Isabelle Roche : Percussions
  • Vincent Stephan : Trompet
  • Antoine Destephany : Trombone
  • Marie Roqueta : Flute
  • Tahiri Axelle : Alto


  • Thierry Poquet : Spatial setting
  • Romy Desprez : Lights
  • Julie Collier, Anne Jonathan : Costumes
  • Anne To et Sophie Himpens : Set and accessories
  • Adrian Bourget : Sound


    Production La Forge – Administration : René Robin, Mikaël Cohen








Presentation of the project