Les Grandes Forges à Clermont Ferrand

With Elvire Jouve / Gaspard Baradel / Yannick Chambre

28 & 29 march / 2024

La Baie des Singes (Clermont Ferrand)

Les Grandes Forges à Chambéry

With Hervé Francony et invités

October / 2024

APEJS CRR Chambéry

Les Grandes Forges à Saint-Etienne

With Damien Sabatier / Anne Quillet / Olivier Germain-Noureu




Les Grandes Forges 

Les Grandes Forges is a meeting and exchange project that forms part of our regional action. The idea is to set up an ensemble in the local area, working with a referent artist. The latter will invite young musicians to build a program based on our oral or written musical proposals.

The Quartet de la Forge (Richard Bonnet, Pascal Berne, Michel Mandel, François Raulin) supervises the ensemble for a short session: a day of rehearsals and a concert. “Les Grandes Forges”, a variable-geometry formation depending on the number of guests, is a transgenerational orchestra that is concerned with transmission in the field.