François Raulin, Majid Bekkas et Emile Biayenda




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  • 9 avril 2024 – Strasbourg JAZZDOR FESTIVAL
  • 11 avril 2024 – Nevers
  • 23 octobre au 6 novembre 2025 – Finland and Northern Countries

All three embody different musical cultures, yet they effortlessly find common ground. It must be noted that each of them, in their own unique way, is deeply influenced by African music. François Raulin‘s jazz draws extensively from this source, which he himself considers one of his most profound inspirations. In fact, through collaborations with numerous African musicians, he has acquired a deep understanding of their intricate polyrhythms, greatly enriching his piano playing.

Moroccan artist Majid Bekkas undoubtedly brings the oriental tonality of his powerful and emotionally-charged singing. He also carries the rich heritage of Gnawa culture, which has its African roots in Morocco. The central instrument in this music of worship and trance is the guembri, a plucked string instrument, in which Majid Bekkas is a master.

Emile Biayenda, the artistic director of Les Tambours de Brazza, specializes in Congolese percussion.

While François Raulin and Majid Bekkas have been performing together since 2010, this will be their first joint performance in France alongside percussionist Emile Biayenda. The original repertoire created by François Raulin and Majid Bekkas for this occasion ensures that all three cultures have the space to express themselves, while proudly showcasing the vibrant colors of African musical cultures.



Majid BEKKAS : oud, guembri, voice

Straddling the line between tradition and modernity, Majid skillfully merges Gnaoua music with Afro-American blues. In addition to his musical pursuits, he imparts his knowledge as a music teacher at the Rabat Conservatoire and has held the position of Artistic Director for Rabat’s Jazz au Chellah Festival since 1996. Through collaborations with various musicians, Majid has been able to infuse each project with a distinct personality. His boundless creativity and dedication were recognized in late 2010 when he received the prestigious Al Farabi prize, one of the most significant accolades in the Arabic-speaking world. One of his notable works is the CD Al Qantara, which was released in the spring of 2014.


Emile BIAYENDA: percussions, drums

Drummer, percussionist and composer born in Congo Brazzaville. Founder of a training workshop intended for young Congolese from the neighborhoods of Brazzaville, which will become in 1991 “the drums of Brazza”. He played with Biks Bikouta and Zao for 8 years. He reconciles traditional rhythms, notably those of the Ngoma drum, with modern music. He has lived in France since 1993 and has met many people with very different aesthetics. As comfortable in the pure African tradition as in improvised European music (he plays in particular in a trio with Benoit Delbecq) he makes Africa an inexhaustible source of his inspiration.

Raulin / Bekkas / Biayenda trio tour, organized as part of Allées Chantent & in partnership with AIDA

© Laura Favand


  • François Raulin : Piano, mBira composition
  • Majid Bekkas : Bouzouki, oud, guembri, voice, composition
  • Emile Biayenda : Percussions, drums