Personal themes or those of composers unfold according to their inspiration, without any script, and with no servitude other than the rhythm and melody that unfold.

The guitar and the dance turn and turn: they recreate each other, inspire each other, respond to each other, oppose each other or accompany each other… In front of this show, you shouldn’t try to understand, but simply let yourself be carried away and feel… which is the best way to understand and immerse yourself in this art.

Maria Gasca

Maria Gasca is a flamenco dancer of the new generation who, while remaining faithful to the traditional teachings of Seville and Madrid, is exploring new artistic perspectives.

Her dance style is described as highly rhythmic, with strong influences from krump and contemporary dance. Improvisation and musical discourse are essential elements of his artistic practice, suggesting a dynamic and creative approach to his dance.

Richard is a guitarist, composer and improviser. A freedom-loving pioneer, he likes to take us into his offbeat world, which often skims over a melody only to move away from it, transforming the interpretation of a barely-perceived phrase into a recreational lesson.


  • Maria Gasca : Dance
  • Richard Bonnet : Guitar
  • Production : La Forge