3 may 2024
Théâtre Sainte-Marie-d’en-Bas // Les Détours de Babel // 20h


François Raulin (piano, compo) & Richard Bonnet (guitar) play the music of Thelonious MONK

One of the most singular artists of the twentieth century, as much for his revolutionary playing as for his magnificent compositions, Thelonious Monk has influenced everyone in m different ways but has no direct heir (or very few). A master of emptiness, rhythm and dissonance, he is instantly recognisable, like all the great jazz musicians.

We want to bring this heritage back into play with respect, but also with distance. Two themes that are emblematic and unique in the history of mistérioso jazz will obviously be included in the repertoire, but from our current point of view as improvisers (becoming “mister Ozu” & “mystery at the zoo”). We wanted to rearrange certain themes, but we will play two of these most beautiful ballads simply by interpreting them.


  • François Raulin : Piano
  • Richard Bonnet : Guitar
  • Production : La Forge


  • 3 may 2024 : Domaine de Rozan (Col de Porte, 38)
  • 14 september 2024 : Festival Jazz(s) à Trois Palis (16)