Pharaonique Moondog

Concert bands gather for a celebration of Moondog’s music


Directly inherited from the French Revolution, harmony orchestras or “musical societies” have been part of our country’s associative fabric since the early 19th century.

Open to high-quality amateur practice, these ensembles are not only places for musical learning, but also for sharing and discovery. Intergenerational exchanges and the associative spirit that can be developed are values that reinforce the interest and pertinence of these ensembles.

Through this project, we’re creating a giant orchestra by bringing together several of these bands. The joint musical program, adapted by Pascal Berne, will feature pieces by the brilliant American composer Louis Thomas Hardin, known as Moondog.

An unconditional lover of European classical music, founder of minimalism, inventor of percussion instruments such as the “Trimba”, creator of dances with equally whimsical names such as the “Dog Trot”, the “Rabbit Hop” and the “Bumbo”, this blind poet in a Viking helmet left a remarkable mark on the music of the late 20th century.

The simple forms, catchy melodies, art of the canon and ritornello inherent in his music are all elements that can be adapted to the orchestral mass. Two solo improvisers will join this giant orchestra, opening up new musical possibilities and introducing young and not-so-young musicians to the art of improvisation.

Jazz sur le Grill 2022 brought together 6 orchestras to perform the music of American composer Moondog.
A giant, ephemeral orchestra conducted by Pascal Berne, with soloists Damien Sabatier and Gérald Chevillon.


  • Pascal Berne : Arrangements, direction artistique
  • Yves Gerbelot : Saxophone
  • Michel Mandel : Clarinettes
  • Avec la participation de 4 Harmonies du département (Eybens, Villard Bonnot, La Mûre et Micromégas)


  • Le 10 avril 2024 : Harmonie de Maylan
  • Le 12 avril 2024 : La Mure
  • Le 15 mai 2024 : Harmonie de Villard-Bonnot
  • Le 17 mai 2024 : Harmonie d’Eybens
  • Le 12 juin 2024 : Meylan + Villard Bonnot
  • Le 14 juin 2024 : La Mure + Eybens



  • Les 29 & 30 juin 2024 au Parc de la Mairie d’Eybens (38)