Richard Bonnet


Richard Bonnet is a self-taught guitarist. A native of the Marne region, Richard has worked with musicians such as Hasse Poulsen, Stéphane Payen, Gerald Cleaver, Dominique Pifarély, Régis Huby, Guillaume Roy, Sylvain Darrifourcq, Claude Barthélémy…

He is the instigator of several projects: Quartet with Tony Malaby (sax), Tom Rainey (batt) and Antonin Rayon (Hammond organ) (Warrior – Marge 50); duo with Tony Malaby (Haptein – hôte marge 04); duo with Danish guitarist Hasse Poulsen (Colors in water and steel – Hôte marge 10), ciné-concert with guitarist Pierre Durand, solo project (Morning Bear).

He regularly performs in trios with Sylvain Darrifourcq and Tony Malaby, and in the “Unknown Species” trio/quartet with pianist James Carney, drummer Samuel Ber and saxophonist Michael Attias.