Samuel Ber


Samuel Ber is a Belgian drummer, composer and improviser.

With his projects Pentadox (with Sylvain Debaisieux and Bram De Looze), the Malaby/Dumoulin/Ber trio, the new duo with guitarist Todd Neufeld, and the interdisciplinary and entirely improvised performance Scaphandres Party, he seeks creative ways to access a state of collective flux where individual voices, viewpoints, concepts and contexts coexist and merge.

He also plays with KARTET, Benoît Delbecq & The Multiplexers, Michaël Attias European Quartet, Antoine Viard’s new group Park’R, Laurent Blondiau’s Mâäk and MikMâäk, Bo Van Der Werf’s Mantra Magnets, Susanne Abbuehl, Soet Kempeneer’s Dream Tree trio, Richard Bonnet quartet and Sol Léna-Schroll’s Der Baum trio; and has played with Michaël Attias, Matt Mitchell, Miles Perkin, Simon Jermyn, Guillaume Orti, Lotte Anker, Daniel Levin, Marc Ducret, Eve Risser, Antonin-Tri Hoang, Magic Malik, Antonin Rayon, Aymeric Avice, Sylvaine Hélary, Felix Henkelhausen, Matthieu Michel, Nicolas Thys, Stefan Oliva, Sébastien Boisseau…