“But this country is an island that nature itself has enclosed within immutable boundaries. It is the land of truth (a flattering word), surrounded by a vast and stormy ocean, the empire of illusion…”. Kant – Critique of Pure Reason

Sailing through this vast and stormy ocean, encountering Escher staircases, living architectures that fold and unfold as visitors wish, and other magical gears… For this first Haïku at the Forge, I’d like to invite French saxophonist Antonin Tri Hoang and Belgian bassist (electric and acoustic) Soet Kempeneer to play a new repertoire of vertical compositions, built like mobiles, pillars, columns…

I imagine different flows and temporalities stacked up, like the floors of a building. I imagine vertical time, like a spiral staircase connecting these different floors. Vertical time as the common denominator of these flows, their only meeting point: the door opens for a few moments, then closes again: you have to rush in, jump, or wait for the next revolution… And since you have to jump, from branch to branch as well as from leap to leap, you might as well do it with two musicians who are explorers, architects and dancers all rolled into one. The omens are favourable.


  • Samuel Ber : Drums
  • Antonin Tri Hoang : Saxophone
  • Soet Kempeneer : Bass
  • Production : La Forge