12 february 2024


TAPAGES is a concept concert, bringing together three improvisers on stage for a low-key concert that plays on the small, the suggested, the equivocal, the breathy, the almost…

It’s not an audiogram test, even if for some it will seem like one. It’s the pleasure of playing with parameters that are de facto erased in full voice, of exploring a whole new musical potential, of enhancing the microscopic field.

It’s also about sharing with listeners the rediscovered pleasure of fine hearing, of moving towards the music, of staying alert, on the alert, curious.

Michel Mandel

« I play music at home every day, and my flat is very badly insulated: it’s like a sound sieve… I never forget that my neighbours can hear me. It’s a real schizophrenia! To play anyway, so as not to disturb, not to freak out, I’ve got into the habit of playing softly, very softly, even very, very softly, without making a sound. Little by little, I’ve developed the ability to play with the small, the suggested, the surreptitious, all the tiny things that can’t be said any other way: a real discovery. And what’s more, now I can play at night, at 3am, without disturbing the neighbours – yes, it’s time for a party! » Michel Mandel

Jessica Martin Maresco

A versatile vocalist, Jessica’s repertoire ranges from Pergolese and Clément Janequin with baroque ensembles such as Himna, to resolutely more contemporary compositions with the Op.Cit and Grand SBAM ensembles. A member of the Dur & Doux collective for over ten years, she explores vocal expression in rock groups such as Pili Coït, EZ3kiel and Saddam Webcam. She has also experimented with a more improvisational idiom, working alongside Benjamin Nid and the SPANG and Attracteur Etrange ensembles, in hybrid forms between soundpainting and collective writing. She’s also prone to artistic escapades, sometimes writing for shows, such as alongside Denis Plassard for his dance company, or Adama Diop for the Comédie de Saint Etienne.

Martin Debisschop

Trained on the intensive Apejs course in Chambéry in 1999, then toured France with rock bands (W5, Peal, Ortie) on the current music scene. He opened for the Strokes, Zone Libre and Parabellum. He has recorded around fifteen albums, most recently in contemporary chanson with Nuage Fou (eponymous album, Art Autoroutier, Super Puma) and with Xavier Machault (L’incendie). National media coverage with Longueur d’ondes, Télérama, France Culture, France Inter.

He plays in the group Pelouse, for the Bowling record tour (Chateau Rouge, Brise Glace, L’Olympia, La Belle Electrique, tour in Brazil ….). He plays improvised music and creates songs during his year as a Villa Glovettes resident with poet Anaïs Escot. He worked with a visual artist from the Vibrants Défricheurs collective to improvise on Double Boucle.

A lifelong enthusiast of experimentation, he is interested in textures and sonic spaces, notably with Construire un feu, a prepared guitar solo. He has performed and programmed for Les Jardins Suspendus, the Mens Alors festival, the City of Grenoble, Le Ciel and La Bobine. Alongside his work as a composer and performer, he is developing, with the Collectif Regards des Lieux, musical research at the crossroads of live performance and cinematic performances through the creation of cinema-concerts: De la neige en été, De nos mains and currently La mécanique des roches (show supported by Lux Scène Nationale Valence, ECRP Scène Régionale SMH….).

As a musician, he takes part in sound creation workshops in schools, prisons and educational medical institutions with Regards des lieux, Grille pain, Le grand Collectif and Smac 07.


  • Jessica Martin Maresco : Voice
  • Martin Debisschop : Guitar
  • Michel Mandel : Clarinets
  • Production : La Forge


  • 12 february 2024 : Centre Pénitentiaire de Saint Quentin Fallavier (38)