Piano Cinéphonies – Ciné-Concert François Raulin

François Raulin : piano, composition
Show for all audiences
Duration : 1h

In this ciné-concert, François Raulin will improvise live on a selection of ten or so short animated films, created at different periods from 1920 to the 1990s and using a wide variety of techniques. He has chosen some truly conceptual and creative little masterpieces, such as Christoph & Wolfgang Lauenstein’s 1989 film “La balance”, classics of animation like the “silly symphonies” of the first Disney films from 1929, or little advertising vignettes from the 1960s promoting products that are now forgotten.

This show will transport young and old alike into a world of music and images, highlighting the great diversity and inventiveness of animated film, whether funny, disturbing, poetic or downright slapstick.