Micromegas Grand Ensemble

In the field of amateur musical practice, the musicians’ collective La Forge presents the Micromégas school orchestra. Created in 1997 by François Raulin, its aim is to carry out almost professional work at all stages of the creative process, closely combining training, the creation of a repertoire, work on improvisation, and dissemination in rewarding settings and various public events (festivals, cultural seasons, concert halls, artistic encounters, etc.).

With nearly 22 years‘ experience behind it, Micromégas has far exceeded its objectives, both in terms of the orchestra’s level of musicianship and the dozens of original pieces that have been included in the repertoire, pieces specially written for this ensemble, flirting with festive, inventive and colourful jazz.

The orchestra’s amateur musicians are students, shopkeepers, researchers, employees, teachers and secondary school pupils of all ages and from a variety of social and cultural backgrounds. Each season, no fewer than thirty rehearsals and numerous concerts bring together the thirty or so musicians who participate in this group. Participation is free.

Over the years, countless musicians have passed through the ranks of this ensemble, which also provides an opportunity for young artists to make a name for themselves in the professional world; many of them have gone on to become professionals, or aspire to do so.

 Ainsi, Micromégas a eu Under the direction of François Raulin, some of these rehearsals and residencies include guest artists as soloists in the concerts. Micromégas has had a number of prestigious guests, including Michel Portal, Gian Luigi Trovesi, Louis Sclavis, Wolfgang Puschnig, David Murray, Jean-Luc Capozzo, Eric Echampard, Manu Scarpa, Laurent Dehors,  François Corneloup, Bruno Chevillon, Marc Ducret, Médéric Collignon, Christophe Monniot

As part of a project in Burkina-Faso, Micromégas was also able to present a new repertoire in France and Africa with Adama Dramé, an outstanding musical and human experience.

The Micromégas musicians also recorded two CDs, “ Micromégas Brass Band ” and “ Straight from the cask ”.

Next Dates

  • 4 April 2024 at Solexine (Grenoble, 38)
  • 30 June 2024 : Parc de la Mairie d’Eybens (38)
  • 8 July 2024 : Musée de l’eau (Pont en Royans, 38)
  • 11 October 2024 : Domaine de Rozan (Col de Porte, 38)