L’éléphant s’évapore

Based on the literary works of Haruki Murakami

September /2024

Residence – Périscope (Lyon)

12 – 15 november /2024

Residence – Théâtre Sainte-Marie-d’en-Bas (C.I.M.N / Les Détours de Babel)

29 november /2024

Creation – Théâtre de Valence / Jazz sur le Grill


Jazzdor – Strasbourg

Dog Trot

Dance pieces by Moondog



Following the call for tenders launched in 2023, Jessica Martin Maresco (vocals) and Samuel Ber (drums) are joining the La Forge team. Their arrival follows that of Richard Bonnet (guitar), a member of the collective who has been at work for a year. With the recruitment of these three new musicians and co-directors to its team, La FORGE is moving on and reaffirming its determination, and with the creation of its new orchestra, is hitting the CLOU :

Le CLOU is the Orchestre Utopique, the tutti of the new team, the ensemble that will carry out the collective’s aims, spearheading the pursuit of its musical research, a key element representing its expanded identity.

Le CLOU will be our tool, our pocket orchestra. From now on, we’ll be doing in-depth work, punctuated by residencies, to test our writing, make our arrangements sound good and stubbornly seek the alchemy of our sound, like the good blacksmiths that we are. A veritable multi-purpose orchestra, Le CLOU will be able to respond to a wide range of requests and make radical choices.

Photo © K.Kurigami

L’éléphant s’évapore (based on the work of Haruki Murakami)

In the process of creation

From the outset, and with the same enthusiasm, we are proposing a project based on Murakami.

Haruki Murakami is surely the most music-loving of writers. His work abounds in musical references, and the author almost never works without listening to one of his 10,000 vinyl albums. Many writers have testified to their often intimate relationship with music. Its abstraction, beauty, spirituality and energy are all sources of inspiration.


Dog Trot

In the process of creation

Dog trot, the second part of the work undertaken with the brass bands in partnership with the département of Isère and scheduled for 2026, is the frenzied and lively sequel to the Pharaonique Moondog project initiated by Pascal Berne: a concert bringing together several music societies in the département around the music of Moondog.

Following on from this work with the harmonies, and co-written with all the musician-composers from La Forge in the ensemble Le Clou, Dog trot will be an ode to dance, a tribute to Moondog, creator of incredible dances with names as whimsical as the ‘Rabbit Hop’, the ‘Bumbo’ and the famous ‘Dog Trot’, the eponym of our creation.