14 mars 2022


KITCHEN is a formation from the collective La Forge, it is a Duo Guitar-Clarinets, with Richard Bonnet and Michel Mandel. Acoustic training in the original repertoire, KITCHEN claims to be free, intuitive, borderless, without a priori, it is the unprecedented encounter of a blues man from Earth in the image of a Robert Johnson who can go to the extreme of improvisation and a classical musician equally fascinated by Stravinsky, Éric Dolphy or repetitive music.

KITCHEN is cooking with friends, sharing, alchemy. It is a music addressed, close to the audience.

Haiku created at Varces Penitentiary

Teaser Kitchen – Album release scheduled for March 8, 2024


Recorded November 8, 2023 at Maison de la Musique – Meylan



  • Michel Mandel : Clarinets, Compositions
  • Richard Bonnet : Guitars, compositions
  • Production : La Forge