8 juin 2023


Encre Rouge - Haïku

This new project is an exploration of music and words. Richard Bonnet and François Raulin have penned original compositions inspired by Japanese haiku, short poems that speak of an event or feeling in a few words.

Mike Ladd, a powerful and sensitive poet/rapper, improvises his texts and his flow live onstage. Finally, Bruno Chevillon and Tom Rainey‘s powerful rhythm section lays the foundations for this imagined building.

The result is an ode to the ephemeral: a celebration of beauty and the evanescence of things.


  • Richard Bonnet : Guitar
  • François Raulin : Piano
  • Mike Ladd : Voice
  • Tom Rainey : Drums
  • Bruno Chevillon : Double bass
  • Coproduction : La Forge / Festival JAZZDOR