18 & 19 march 2024
Théâtre Sainte-Marie-d’en-Bas // Les Détours de Babel // 20h


Au coeur de l’Hiver – Variation in 12 tables

In 2020, when he began work on La Dernière Reine, Jean-Marc Rochette decided to make Les Étages, in the Écrins massif, his year-round home. The hamlet had not been inhabited in winter since the 1960s.

Cut off by several avalanche paths, its access road closes in December and opens in March. It is on this island of ice and snow that the author embarks on a winter sojourn in the form of an inner journey, where the everyday rubs shoulders with the extraordinary.

Attacks by wolves, avalanches, disappearances, a poignant encounter with a fox: on stage, in dialogue with the music and voice, Jean-Marc Rochette sketches out the generous and violent beauty of the high mountains.

A total immersion in the heart of winter.



  • Jean-Marc Rochette : Drawing
  • François Raulin : Piano
  • Richard Bonnet : Guitar
  • Coproduction : La Forge / Les détours de Babel


  • 18 & 19 march 2024 : Théâtre Sainte Marie d’en-Bas / Les Détours de Babel
  • 8 august 2024 : Venosc
  • 23 november 2024 : Festival Livre à vous (Voiron, 38)