Michel Mandel


After a classical training at the conservatory, and perfecting his skills with K. Leister, G. Deplus, J. Di Donato, M. Arrignon, he began his musical career as a teacher and gave numerous concerts around the repertoire with pianist H. de Nolly (Mozart, Brahms, Schumann, Debussy, Berg, Stravinsky, Berio and other contemporary composers).

He sharpens his curiosity through collaborations with dance (Cie Pascoli, Cie Litecox) and theater (Atheca). With Jean Paul Autin, he founded the Musicabrass orchestra “Avant-garde républicaine”, the first post-modern street orchestra.

For over fifteen years, he toured internationally with the group Volapuk, with whom he wrote the show “Aujourd’hui peut-être” for Cie Maguy Marin. Nominated at the 1997 Oscars for Music, in the dance composition category. Through projects and encounters, he has performed with Fred Frith, Wolfgang Puschnig, Marc Ducret, Denis Badault, Sylvaine Hélary
For many years, he has been developing a personal language around the clarinet with his Solo (CD released on the Gazul label).

Co-founder of La Forge, he takes part in all the projects initiated by this collective, notably the shows Les chaises musicales, Sati(e)rik excentrik, Jardins extraordinaires, writings for Tian xia, a Franco-Chinese orchestra, or Portraits de femmes, a composition for harmony and improvisers.

A member of Quartet Novo, he also forms an invigorating duo with saxophonist Yves Gerbelot (CD Tuyaux, Label Forge, 2012). He is also a member of “Matières à réflexion“, an artistic research association with visual artist Stern, whose spectacular forms include “Avec mobile apparent”, “Découpes” and “Petit opéra d’ombres“.

He collaborates with choreographer Nicolas Hubert Cie Epiderme with “Circonférence” in 2013/2014, and “La Crasse du Tympan” in 2015/2016.



  • On the Cunéiform & Orchestra labels: 4 CDs with the group Volapük: “Le feu du tigre”, “Slang”, “Polyglott”, “Where is Tamashii”.
  • On the Gazul label: “Solo” Michel Mandel
  • On Label Forge: “Jardin volant” Quartet Novo , “La Grande Forge” , “Tian xia” orchestre Franco-Chinois, “Tuyaux” duo Mandel/Gerbelot , “Sati(e)rik excentrik