Jessica Martin Maresco


She began singing at the Opéra Junior academy at the age of 11, where she developed a taste for polyphony and a wide range of repertoires.

An eclectic vocalist, Jessica’s repertoire ranges from Pergolese and Clément Janequin with Baroque ensembles such as Himna, to resolutely more contemporary compositions with the Op.Cit and Grand SBAM ensembles.

A member of the Dur & Doux collective for over ten years, she explores vocal expression in rock groups such as Pili Coït, EZ3kiel and Saddam Webcam. Alongside Benjamin Nid, and the SPANG and Attracteur Etrange ensembles, she experiments with a more improvisational language, hybrid forms between soundpainting and collective writing. Prone to artistic escapades, she also sometimes writes for shows, such as alongside Denis Plassard for his dance company, or Adama Diop for the Comédie de Saint Etienne.